Preview our Concert Event:

"It’s a multi-generational musical journey of the Faith"

~EWTN "Life on the Rock"

"A powerful, high quality presentation"

~The National Catholic Register

"They present the Gospel in Technicolor"

~Relevant Radio, "Morning Air" with John Harper

"A really great exciting show!"

~The Catholic Channel Radio, "Seize the Day" with Gus Lloyd

Array of Hope
The primary source for creating and producing transformative events, films and music for Catholic parishes, dioceses and faith-based organizations.

Array of Hope

A wide-ranging multi-media musical concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers, and thought-provoking films and visuals.

Array of Hope

A team of talented young adults presenting the faith in a relatable way using a blend of films, praise and worship, and personal testimony.

Bits of Hope

Beautiful short films that inspire as well as teach many topics of our faith.

Bits of Hope

Contemporary Christian music that reaches all generations. Produced with power and clarity in witnessing to God’s love for us.