“Vision Statement”

Array of Hope is the primary source for creating and producing transformative events, films and music for Catholic parishes, dioceses and faith-based organizations.

“Mission Statement”

Array of Hope exists to reveal the “Truths of our Faith” by creating high quality films, music and events.

Seeking to address the decline of God in our culture, we are empowered with His grace to capture the hearts of families and awaken an inner desire to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Purpose & Direction”

Jesus spoke in simple parables to connect with people by using every day stories to reveal theological truths and principles. He spoke to people in this convincing, loving and logical manner so they could relate and understand the truth of His words. Inspired by St. John Paul’s call for a “New Evangelization,” Array of Hope believes in revealing the truths of our faith through platforms to which people are most receptive and in a way that is relatable, revealing and transformative. "It is clear, therefore, that one priority of the new evangelization consists precisely in helping the man of our time to encounter God personally and to live with him and for him” (Message of John Paul II to the 3rd International Thomistic Congress, 2003).

Array of Hope evangelizes through each of its three specific ministries: (1) The Array of Hope Show, (2) Array of Hope Films and Music, and (3) Array of Hope, YOUTH. All these work together through the use of personal witness and multi-media experiences.

(1) "The Array of Hope Concert" is a wide-ranging live concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers and thought-provoking film presentations. Bringing in renowned musicians and speakers from the Catholic community combined with our staple of talented performers, “Array of Hope” entertains and engages the audience touching and transforming hearts through powerful witnessing to God’s love for us.

(2) "Array of Hope Films and Music" creates beautiful short films and music that inspires and teaches many topics of the Catholic Faith. Utilizing faith-filled presenters and speakers, the films address the degradation of our popular culture and the lack of spirituality all around us. These films and music use the Gospel to engage the viewer and listener with relatable spiritual content that specifically addresses issues people are dealing with in their daily lives. Our “Bits of Hope” films are growing and many social and television media outlets such as EWTN, Catholic Television Network, The NET, Ignatius Press, The YouCat, Pauline Books and Media, and The Catholic Television Network of Detroit use them.

(3) "Array of Hope Youth" provides youth events for Catholic confirmation programs as well as teenage faith-building retreats. At these events, our youth presenters interact as well as entertain the audience. Our presenters are accepted as peers when the deep truths of our faith are conveyed through personal witness, stories, and impressive multimedia presentations. We have found that this peer-to-peer ministry often leaves life-long, lasting impressions in ways that are otherwise unsuccessful because the youth connect with the presenters about the faith.

Our society’s moral compass is broken. Our Catholic faith, in many cases, is not seen as relevant to people’s lives. Many today seem to live a life of moral relativism where there is no universal absolute truth. If it does not work for them they can change the rules to create their own version of right and wrong. We believe many Catholics are not aware of the true position of the Church or that her moral teaching is based on Scripture because the secular media misinforms them. As Jesus stated himself, “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John14:6). Array of Hope exists to present the many truths of our faith in a way that is revealing, life-changing and transformative. God's power and truth is truly needed in today's world.

As St. John Paul II said, “Faith is strengthened when it is given to others.”