"The happiness you are seeking has a name and a face; Jesus of Nazareth.”
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


The "Array of Hope," concert event is a wide-ranging concert experience that features multiple musical acts, motivational speakers and thought-provoking film presentations that joyously provide a counterweight to the negative media surrounding today’s society. It especially celebrates an appreciation of the family that is so often denigrated in today’s music, movies, TV, radio and the Internet. The show’s key themes are the sanctity of life, the importance of God in the family and the loving support prayer can bring to the spiritual and emotional development of us and our children. This is a perfect family event. It has also been featured during many retreats. The show runs approximately 2 1/2hours with an intermission but can be also modified to 90 minutes without an intermission.


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Event

1Why Array of Hope? What can Array of Hope be used for?

Array of Hope is the perfect event to energize and engage a parish, community, school or organization. Array of Hope can be used to celebrate parish anniversaries, to draw attention to Lent and Advent Seasons as well as Catholic Schools week. Array of Hope is also a great tool for Confirmation Retreats, Youth and Family Events and Fundraisers.

2What type of space is needed?
Areas that Array of Hope can perform in:
(In order of preference)
  • Theater
  • High School Auditorium
  • Gymnasium
  • Church Sanctuary
3What type of equipment is needed?

Array of Hope is completely self-contained. We bring our own sound system, screens, and lighting. The only thing we need is a stage, seats, and electricity.

4Is this show Catholic?

Yes! Array of Hope is completely in-line with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

Many things distinctive to the Catholic Church are revealed throughout the event, such as the Sacraments, The Saints, the Mass and Mary, The Mother of God.

5How could Array of Hope to be used as a Fundraiser?

Having Array of Hope as a fundraiser attracts the support of sponsors who will fund the Array of Hope expenses, giving you the opportunity to raise funds through ticket sales. Creating a journal or playbill that is distributed allows businesses and individuals the opportunity to take out ads which creates an enormous opportunity to raise funds. There is a greater chance for sponsorship of The Array of Hope Event as a Fundraiser. Businesses are more inclined to participate when there is a purpose and the fulfillment of a community’s needs are met.

Marketing and Promotion

1We have never promoted an event like this, will you be able to help us?

Of course! We have a complete marketing plan which is located on this web site, equipped with tools to help you promote this event. We will help you put this plan into action.

2How much time is needed to market the event?

Typically 8 weeks is enough time to market this event.


1How can I book Array of Hope?

Call 201-261-3372 or email info@arrayofhope.net to check for availability.

Download the following helpful PDF documents below: