The Body Reveals Man

Family Become What You Are
July 13, 2020
The Domestic Church
August 10, 2020
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Guest Info:

  • Dr. Peter Kreeft – A convert to Roman Catholicism from a Calvinist upbringing, Dr. Kreeft is a renowned philosopher and teacher of Catholicism. He has authored a total of 95 books on Christian philosophy, theology, and apologetics, including Handbook of Christian Apologetics and Christianity for Modern Pagans. He currently resides as a professor of philosophy at Boston College.
  • David Carollo – David is one of the world’s leading experts and speakers on the Apparitions at Fatima and the executive director of the World Apostolate of Fatima USA. He has been a frequent guest on EWTN and Relevant Radio, and is a regular host on Winds of Change radio in Chicago.

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